Creating a temporary SAS array of dynamic size

Arrays in SAS are incredibly useful things. For example, if you’re dealing with a concomitant medications dataset and want to check for certain medicines across multiple columns, you’d be hard-pressed to find a faster method than using arrays! Within the SDTM.CM domain, medication names are spread across several columns, usually: CMTRT (Reported Name of Drug, […]

Jan’s Golden Curry Chicken Ramen

Regular readers (hah!) of this blog will know that my topics have always been programming and photography focused. However, I’ve recently come up with a ramen recipe of my own that I want to write down, not only to share but also to preserve it for my own fragile and failing memory. It is far […]

Loughcrew Cairns

Loughcrew or Lough Crew (Irish: Loch Craobh, meaning ‘lake of the tree’) is an area of historical importance near Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland. It is home to a group of ancient tombs from the 4th millennium BC, some decorated with rare megalithic art, which sit on top of a range of hills. During my […]

The Survival of a Nation

Though affluence is a good thing, and the spirit of compassionate reform is a good thing, in the end a nation survives only to the extent that the spirit of self-discipline and self-sacrifice is strong and vital. Irving Kristol

Two Saffas in Ireland – Housing and Airbnbs

When first arriving in Ireland, it is unlikely that you’ll have housing lined up beforehand. Currently there is a scarcity of rental properties available in Ireland and it may take you a while to get a place to live. Maheshini and I had to rent two Airbnb properties on a monthly basis before we managed […]